Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lemur #2 in Progress

A friend recently asked me "Why Lemurs? I've never even heard of them." I didn't have an answer. Truly, these things just pop into my head. And the animals I think of are always usually exotic. I love Lemurs because they're so dramatic looking and people can own them as pets. The white one (pictured here) is actually the less common one, and I've read that there's a possibility they will become extinct. And yes... there are orbs in the painting and again, I can't even say why. When a thought speaks to me I listen and go with it. This is just a portion of the art. It's 19" x 24" chalk pastels. Part painterly, part illustration. I love combining the two. There's no rules in art really. I have visions and I just go with it. Mostly I use pastels, other times it's watercolors or acrylics even though paint freaks me out sometimes. I feel I have more control with pastels because I'm such a control freak! Actually it's the line quality I crave in my work. Line is everything to me. I feel it's the element that I can get the most emotion from when I draw.
I will post the finished art when it's done.
What do you think of it so far?

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