Saturday, March 23, 2013

Personal Sketchbook Entry - Woman in Hat

I just bought the most wonderful sketchbook from Barnes & Noble. Nice thick perforated pages beckon to me to draw everyday. I love to use black ink on nice, white smooth paper, and I challenge myself to let go of my need for perfectionism without sketching first in pencil before I outline in ink. I just start drawing and wherever the pen takes me I go. If I make a mistake I just let it go and learn to live with it. It's challenging and also very freeing. The paper is white, but my cell phone insists  it's grey.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Totally SWEET!

I have two sides to my artistic talent- one side is the graphic arts side, and the other is the fine arts side. Each one takes 100% of my time and effort, and both do really well for me. But strangely enough, my fine arts side is winning out because I actually sell my paintings. Still, it's hard for me to let go of the graphic arts side and the link to how I made a living for so many years. Granted, the greeting card biz is a whole different animal from the ad biz, and one that I feel isn't going to make me rich and famous, but I do enjoy creating cards and I try and design cards that I would buy myself. I'm particularly proud of my latest creation which involved many skills in PhotoShop that I was completely unable to do just a few years ago. I'm total proof that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. I think the real key in keeping the brain sparking is to accept change and go with the flow every inch of the way. When you resist change, your mind closes up, and can't be receptive to new things. There are so many new things happening every day in technology. Why not embrace it? Learning new things is truly what will keep you feeling young and current. You may not look the part ( hehe ) but you'll certainly feel it! Check out my new "Sweet 16" card at my Card Gnome store. You can also comment on the card there if you'd like. See you there!