Sunday, June 3, 2012

"For the Love of Pia" WIP

I saw a photo of an Eastern Screech Owl recently and became immediately taken with its haunting, human type eyes. I knew I had to incorporate one into my next painting... hence the birth of "For the Love of Pia,"- an owl in love. We always think of our feelings about animals, but what about our impact on their feelings. While owls are not typically pets, I'm sure in their world, they have some sort of perception of us. What if an owl fell in love with a human? One that is as beautiful as Pia ( a name that popped into my head for the title for no particular reason. I don't even know a Pia )?
This is a work in progress. I'm not even sure how it will end up. Many times I can visualize the completed painting, and sometimes I let the painting dictate its end story to me, albeit it may take some time to finish.

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