Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tolerance in Hopeful Yellow Part Two

I'm so inspired by this project that I've chosen to paint another tolerance piece. This time it will be of children because the hope and teaching for tolerance is with the little ones and each generation to come. The yellow tulips feel like hope to me and there's an abundance of them in this painting because one can never have too much hope. This is a work in progress. It's very detailed and small, so it may take a bit for me to finish. I need better eyesight ( lol ) and better brushes. One of the two is a quick remedy!


  1. Laura you are the best!!! I am dying to see these in person, and to meet you :):)

  2. Hi April! Thank you!! You are amazing in all that you do creatively. I see great things for you in the future. Truly! Looking forward to meeting you, too, and I will be sending these off to Kira this coming week.


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