Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Love Affair Continues...

My love of beautiful faces and fashion has inspired this art. I'm enjoying the rich colors of my new Polychromos and learning new colored pencil techniques from the "Colored Pencil Painting Bible" by Alyona Nickelsen. You can find it on

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Faber - Castell Polychromos

Ordering and then receiving art supplies from is like reliving Christmas all throughout the year. My newest love is Faber - Castell's Polychromos. Color pencils that are oiled based instead of wax. Drawing / painting with them makes working with colored pencils exciting again. And the Stonehenge paper is the perfect surface for them. I'm having a ball. I created "Apple's Worm" with them purely from my imagination, even the apple. I've been meaning to do more teacher cards because the few that I've created on my card stores get an incredible amount of views. This one will be just in time to let your child's teacher know how much you've appreciated them this past school year that's quickly coming to a close.
I will scan this art tomorrow and size it to the card formats. In the meantime, here's a Droid shot to hold you over!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From Watercolor to Coloring Book Art

There was a customer request on one of my card stores to have a coloring book Easter card for a child. I wonder if kids really do color anymore. I'm sure many are coloring on iPads. Maybe one day, art supplies will go the way of books; completely on the computer, our hands never touching a paint brush, pastel, etc. ever again.

Here's to coloring books for however long they may exist!

I am the Egg Tree

Another addition to the Easter card line-up-  "The Easter Egg Tree." Already colored, all you have to do is pick the eggs or wait for them to fall off. I need to redo the eggs on the ground and photoshop them in. So grateful for PS... how did we ever live w/o it?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Easter Chick Painter

I'm a little behind the eight ball as far as Easter cards, but this one just came to mind, so I popped it out tonight. I have another one to do before I move onto something else. Scan and clean in PS tomorrow then onto my stores it goes-of course w/o the pencils and gouache tube!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The One that almost made it!

Too large for the Twitter Exhibit, this watercolor stays home with me. Still small, though, by my usual standards but I'm sure I can put it to good use! Watercolor with a hint of pastel on the cheeks.

Twitter Art Exhibit in Norway

I think the 29 Faces Challenge was the perfect exercise for me to loosen up in time for a Twitter Art Exhibit in Norway. My first painting was too large because I happen to size off a larger postcard rather than a normal sized one that was determined for the exhibit. I'll post that one after this post. So I quickly got back to the drawing board and painted another one. I think this one is more suited for the event. A little more fine artsy... at least for me. I'll use the other one for a party invite on my card stores. This is done in watercolor, gouache, and watercolor pencils on Arches watercolor paper.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

29 Faces Day 29 The End

It's over, and what a month it was! A challenge that proved to be quite a commitment. I drew the last 6 drawings over the past two days sandwiched between so many other things. It's late, but I'm done. Just an hour and a half late! I hope you enjoyed following Ms. Face through the exciting month of our special 2012 Leap Year February. Please be sure to click on the 29 Faces link on the top right hand corner and visit all the other participating artists! Thanks again for following!

29 Faces Day 28 Billie

Time to unwind after "kitty hugs" and pop in a Billie Holiday CD. A last minute tribute to Black History month and to a talented woman who made the music world that much better. Super quick black pastel sketch on smooth white drawing paper.

29 Faces Day 27 Kitty Love

Home at last and the first thing Ms. Face does is hug her precious kitty.

29 Faces Day 26 The Big Chill

Arriving home to winds and cold weather. Chalk pastels are my choice to a quick illustration.

29 Faces Day 25 Flying Home

Finally Ms. Face gets the chance to go home after jet setting all over. Nothing like a little uninterrupted R & R on a long flight back to the States. Again with the chalk pastels. Home stretch.

29 Faces Day 24 Eating in Brazil

One can't leave Brazil without a little bite to eat. What is Ms. Face eating? That's anyone's guess. Chalk pastels on smooth white drawing paper.