Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Getty Woman

Leaving the Getty this past Sunday, the most amazing woman floated through the pavilion. Dressed a la Coco Chanel from the fifties and straight from the pages of Vogue, she stood at least 6'5" in heels with a black elegant dress with a dropped hemline in back. No jewelry was needed as she crowned the dress with a hat that must have needed its own seat in the car. A rich black hat rimmed in white the size of which I've never seen on a mere mortal's head. I was spellbound, as well as everyone else. The man whose hand was wrapped around her arm was barely noticeable. She was the ultimate arm candy, surely a model right off the Paris runways. Who was this man with this beautiful creature? Body guard? Father? Man with a Ferrari and oodles of money? It didn't matter. He had his showpiece, and what a showpiece she was!
This was a quick five minute sketch with pencil on, of all things, computer print paper. It was done completely from my memory the moment I got home. I will translate this to a painted piece in the near future.

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  1. You're so talented! I am sorry but I saw your comment on my FB page just today: I do not use FB often, it runs by iself, I prefer to visit blogs and stores and find things that way!;) Today I selected postcards for Halloowee...couldn't resist it! I love to do it!Thanks for writing so nicely about my blog.:)


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