Sunday, June 26, 2011

Card Gnome Blog Feature

Featured on Card Gnome Blog

I've had the honor recently to be accepted to a new greeting card site called Card Gnome. Card Gnome sells cards from independent artists who have gone through the process of a portfolio review. A bold move on their part, but I do notice on their site cards of higher quality. It's a true pleasure to view their assortment and the way they display the cards enhances the overall appeal of the site and each individual card.
I was recently highlighted in their blog. They are a supportive company with a kind and helpful staff. I can't say enough good things about them, and not to mention, they are also a Green company concerned with the well being of our beautiful planet. If you have a moment, please pay them a visit. You will not be disappointed!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Something Refreshing

Has it been this long this my last post? I sometimes forget to blog with everything else that needs attention.
After years of promotion and having so much art on the net, I was just offered to join with a company on their merchant's program as well as their wholesale one. They do all the promotion, which is great, and they are wonderful to deal with. They found me trolling through Zazzle. I'm also now on a new card site where you have to submit a portfolio for review in order to be accepted. The nice thing about that is that the work on the site as a whole is of higher quality. I think the one thing I come to realize is that because of Photoshop and programs like that, and digital cameras, people feel they can just jump onto one of these free sites, open a store, and viola! They'll have success. The unfortunate thing, is that there is just so much bad art out there now, including photographs. It's really not all that simple, and great concepts play a huge role, especially when selling to the public. The art world now seems to echo reality tv where there's a lot of it, but you don't necessarily want to look at it.
So come and pop by my new card store on Card Gnome. It's a new company with a lot of potential and one that seems to care about the quality on their site. Kind of like a well produced tv show. Something worth watching.

My Card Store on Card Gnome