Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lemurs Wearing Snow Princess

I almost forget that I even have a blog with all the other social networking I do. It all pulls so much time away from the creative process that I have to make an effort to pull myself away from the computer. We all have that problem I suppose. A new addiction.

Lemurs came to mind recently, and who knows why or how these things happen. It wasn't like I saw a movie or Animal Planet or something. Maybe it was just a thing about the fact that we kill animals in order to have clothes. So the opposite would be to wear animals live or they could wear us for a change! The woman came to me as more of a ghostly image so I named her the "Snow Princess." I'm not into morbid visuals or names so I chose to be as light as possible with it. Then, I read about Lemurs. Always nice to read about chosen subjects. There's always something new to learn, so without going into an educational piece about them, I've come to find that they are named after Lemures, the ghosts and spirits of Roman Mythology. They are a breed of primates that take up residence in Madagascar. Maybe the name of the art should be "Woman with Spirits." Before I title a piece, I better
do a little research first. So many wonderful things in our world to be inspired by. The list is endless.

Chalk pastels on tinted Canson pastel paper. This piece has already been featured in the "Artists Universe" group on RedBubble.

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