Saturday, June 5, 2010

Inspiration-The When, Where & How

The redundant question asked over and over to every artist is "What inspires you?" When I first read it or hear it, I always think there could be a different, more exciting way to ask it. It's almost like hearing the question, "What grade are you in?" when you were younger. It's a question that doesn't require much thought. But the inspiration question does. It's never a knee jerk response, so I guess as uncreative as the question is, the response makes up for it. Sometimes I'm a well of never ending visuals that I can't get out on paper fast enough. And then there are those times when the well has dried up and nothing seems inspiring. Then it suddenly hits out of the blue at the weirdest time and place. Like recently driving and listening to a talk station and the host utters the word "bucket"in context to a story he was discussing. Suddenly my mind takes off, like a race horse out of the gate. Images of pails everywhere. And I'm not sure about you, but I visualize so strongly that I no longer see the world that I'm in and don't know that I left it until I come back. I see everything so clearly in my mind's eye. Colors, details and all. It was a struggle to fight the onslaught of images that were fighting for visual time in my head. Home safely, I sketched away on a magical illustration that is ready to be put to the finish. It will be a party invitation as soon as I can get to it. It's great when that happens. It's such an exciting moment and one that makes creating so rewarding. It's like giving birth to something new time and time again, and the excitement of bringing that visual to tangible life. It never gets dull and is totally addicting. I think that's why artists tend to be like hermits. The addiction to the feeling and the creation process is a high like no other and one that you need to protect and be alone with. And speaking of high, remember that 'lighter than air' feeling you had when you were little (or maybe it was just me), especially when it was your birthday? It was the inspiration for my latest illustration that is now posted on Zazzle.

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