Friday, May 7, 2010

Think about the type!!!

AARRGGHHH... I've run to my blog like a lunatic and I want to scream from the tallest building, "Wake up art people. Type is also an art!" Whhattt? Yes, it really is. I can't believe the number of designs I see on a daily basis that are completely destroyed by the choice of the wrong typeface, or poorly designed type. It's an absolute epidemic. And what's more disturbing is that we're seeing it so much that people think this *&%$ actually looks good. OK, I feel better now, but not 100% as I see the art of type dying and going the way of the dinosaurs. When we are told the art world is competitive, it just means there's a lot of stuff out there. But if your work is good, well designed, and if there is type involved and it's well thought out, then you will rise above and be one of the best. Be observant and take your time in design. I remember my mentor/boss telling me after I showed him what I thought was a great illustration, "But, Laura, it's not designed." I finally know exactly what he was talking about. Shlock art... it was around way back when and it's still around only more so, because with a computer and an art program, everyone is an artist. Right?