Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Raining Cats & Dogs!

Sometimes an illustration doesn't appear to be heading in the right direction and that ultimately it won't be worth the time and effort. I started 'Raining Cats & Dogs' with a light sketch on my Pastelbord, and then stopped. I thought it was looking just terrible. I jumped on to a painting and another illustration, and then life got in the way. I spotted it on my drawing board some weeks later and thought I would give it another chance and I'm glad I did. It took a life on of its own, especially after researching the type of rainwear I wanted to draw my characters in. I was thrilled with the outcome, leaving the border wavy and uneven, enforcing the surreal fantasy of dogs & cats actually raining from the sky. It won a TBA on Zazzle when I placed the illustration on a stamp. I never would have thought, of all the drawings, that it would eventually win an award. You just never know the surprises in store when you create a piece of art. It's such an incredible journey, and one that is never the same with each piece.

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