Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ray Lane's Website

I'm working on singer/songwriter Ray Lane's website. This is the opening page inspired by his music. The illustration is done with sharpie markers. Every medium seems to inspire a different style of art for me. This is done with all line, no shadowing of any kind. The bottom of the art represents the darkness and pain with fire, while the top is the cooling relief of hope with a dousing of water. In the middle is the heart shaped hole (the name of a song on the album-drawn before I heard the song or knew the title) of a woman's skeletal pelvis representing the source of pain and angst and the feelings of emptiness. The crux of the inspiration for the album (I always say out of everything negative, comes the positive). The art was scanned into Photoshop, where my son weaved his magic into it, making it pop on a black background. It has taken on a magical tapestry sort of feel. Almost like beadwork. The music is haunting, yet lifts the spirit to the path of hope. No, it's not a religious album. But if you have ever felt the lows of a relationship, you will feel a kindred spirit with Ray, and then he will take you down a better path. Gee... maybe I should write PR! lol!!!

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