Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Cards

I never thought I would be involved in the greeting card industry. It just sort of evolved and I went down the path willingly. Instead of reading up on it I just dove in, and then started to find my way around. Just like everything else in the creative world, it's harder than it looks, and not only does it take talent, but it also takes some smarts in the worlds of marketing and promotion. I would like to take this opportunity to highlight and promote some of my fellow Card Gnome artists. This is one of the sites I have the privilege of having a store on, and I find the powers that be who run it to be extremely accessible and supportive and the fellow artists equally so.

Christmas is one of those holidays that's never short on cards, and while there are so many, I thought I would showcase a few of my favorite ones here.

Sugar n' Spice's White Christmas Tree

A beautiful card with the surprise of a pink background!

Shining Star Works

This card conjures up my vivid memories of East coast winters. Love it!

Salon of Art

One of my fellow artist friends in the biz, Doreen Erhardt always has a fresh and different
way of looking at the world of greeting cards. This card certainly gives us a new perspective
of the concept "from our house to yours."

Please stop by and check out my picks so far and enjoy their stores.

I was inspired of thoughts of elves and snowmen this year and how they must have a secret wonderful friendship. Every winter, we breathe life into these characters that embody the holiday season.

 My "Elf & Snowman's Surprise for Santa" card can be found on my Card Gnome store.