Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cassandra's Hummingbird

I love to draw faces. I think it's my favorite thing to draw. I find faces absolutely fascinating with the eyes being my favorite part. I'm always intent on capturing the sole and I want to try and feel what the subject is feeling as I paint him/her.
Cassandra has such a striking face with strong bone structure that I couldn't resist putting her features to a pastel painting. With a little bit of fantasy thrown in and inspired by the way I see her, the final result is "Cassandra's Hummingbird."
She is available on my RedBubble site as cards and prints.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Waiting in a Floral Dress

Pastel painting inspired by a floral dress I saw in a catalog. I had always thought I would be a clothing designer but once I got to college and realized the amount of sewing involved, I opted for a fashion illustration class instead. My first love is drawing but I was also into fashion and dreamed of designing clothes one day. I just wasn't into it enough to endure the frustration of sewing and draping. I thoroughly enjoyed my fashion and life drawing classes.

This artwork has been chosen to be featured on the homepage of RedBubble today. See my post below.

Thrilled and honored to start the day today as a featured artist on RedBubble's homepage. What a great way to start the new year! This is the kind of recognition that I think keeps all artists moving forward because there are so many times that the thought of not being "good enough" creeps into the thought processes. You can go directly to the RB site from here Please be aware that the features change daily, so if you don't log on today, you will see different features. And if you're not a member and you're an artist, it's a great community to share your work with other artists and gain exposure. Hope to see you there!