Friday, October 9, 2009

What People Like

Posting my illustrations and paintings on a Facebook gallery page brought me insight into what people gravitate to as far as art. The more color, the better. The stranger, the better. And if it's thought provoking, or pulls the viewer in, then that's the ultimate. It's not about whether you can truly draw. It's about expressing yourself in a way people are disturbed by or captured by. Paintings or drawings done with real photographs are popping up everywhere. While the technique is always incredible, I have a hard time with this kind of art. The words "Don't trace!" from my high school teacher resonated loud and clear so I have never thought to project something to paint. I've always strived to be perfect in my art, but as I have 'aged' like fine wine (or cheese?), I've come to appreciate the true artist with a vision of unique expression. There is a fine line though, of what is good and what one considers just plain dreadful. But as I have told all of my students (when I taught elementary school art), your art is always beautiful because it's coming from you. So maybe indeed, there is no such thing as 'bad art.' It's just about creating art that people can't live without!

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